Pivo Launches the Pivo Meet App for Video Calls with AI-Powered Motion Tracking

Pivo Launches the Pivo Meet App for Video Calls with AI-Powered Motion Tracking

More than ever, video communication has become an essential part of keeping businesses up and running. Companies are seeking new technology or video chat platforms that best fit their organization's changing needs. Not only are businesses following the new wave of virtual communication, but consumers have also taken advantage of video chat platforms' convenience to keep in touch with friends and family during social distancing.

Today, Pivo announced the beta launch of Pivo Meet, a unique one-on-one video chat application for Pivo users, aka “Pivographers,” and their friends and families.

It’s More Than the Average Video Chat

Pivo Meet, backed by Pivo’s Auto Tracking features and 360-degree rotation capability, increases overall user engagement and a stronger feeling of presence while communicating remotely. The new app features four different Auto Tracking modes, which include Action Tracking and three Smart Tracking Modes: Face Tracking, Body Tracking, and Horse Tracking. Pivo’s Auto Tracking features enable users to move freely without worrying about walking off the screen as Pivo follows them wherever they go.

Pivo Meet is not limited to only Pivo users. But those with the perfectly portable Pivo Pod can use Auto Tracking features during the video chat. Pivographers can download the application on the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and enjoy unlimited, free video calls from anywhere in the world. Any guest can join in on the fun regardless if they own a Pivo Pod or downloaded the Pivo Meet app with the link.

Pivo has many exciting updates in store for its users. Pivographers can even look forward to letting their guest control their Pivo remotely during the call in the near future.

What is Pivo?

Pivo is a U.S. startup with an interactive smart pod built for insanely creative photography and videography. Its core mission is to unlock creative potential for all smartphone users with its advanced motion tracking technology, Smart Capture Modes, and 9 Quick Creation Modes. Available for purchase in over 120 countries, Pivo is utilized for more than 100 different use cases ranging from social media and sports to teaching and real estate.

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